Proposition 13

Stability of Property Tax Revenue Helps Local Governments Through Pandemic

The stability of property tax revenue under Proposition 13 is proving to be a major benefit for local governments. The San Francisco City Controller reported May 13 that San Francisco has a budget surplus of $157.3 million in the current fiscal year. “The money comes mainly from a windfall of revenue from property taxes and a tax on the sale of commercial properties,” the San Francisco Business Times reported. “This is a new budget surplus as the $125 million surplus…

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Voters Continue to Overwhelmingly Support Proposition 13, Poll Finds

California voters continue to overwhelmingly support Proposition 13, the 1978 property tax limitation initiative, and would approve it by a wide margin if it were on the ballot again today, according to a poll released November 20 by Mark DiCamillo, director of the University of California at Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies. The poll was taken in late October, before Californians voted to reject Proposition 15, the split-roll initiative on the November ballot that would have repealed Proposition 13 protections…

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