Senate Governance and Finance Committee

Committee Rejects Proposition 19 Repeal Measure

The Senate Governance and Finance Committee rejected a measure May 10 that would repeal the provisions of Proposition 19 that increase property taxes after intergenerational transfers of real property. Proposition 19, approved by the voters in 2020, expanded the ability of seniors and disabled homeowners to transfer the base-year value of their homes to replacement properties. The initiative also limited the reassessment exemption for intergenerational transfers of property, resulting in many properties being reassessed at market value when inherited by…

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Panel Approves Bill That Would Reduce Local Tax Election Transparency

Legislation that would reduce local tax election transparency was approved April 12 by the Senate Governance and Finance Committee and sent the CalTax-opposed bill (SB 532, Wiener) to the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee. The bill would remove the requirement that local governments provide voters with crucial tax rate information on the ballot. Under SB 532, local governments that place tax or bond measures with more than one rate on the ballot would not have to comply with existing…

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