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California Taxpayers Association Cites Top 10 Examples of Government Waste in 2016 (October 2016)

A project that went $115 million over budget, a $60 million courthouse that sits unused, and a spending scandal that prompted the resignation of the University of California at Davis chancellor are among the Top 10 Examples of Government Waste in 2016.


CalTax Government Cost Savings Report (April 2012)

CalTax's "Government Cost Savings Report: How State and Local Government Can Increase Efficiency and Become More Effective" identifies more than $7.3 billion that state and local government could save or obtain from revenue enhancements if proactive steps are taken to address inefficiencies and reform existing programs.


CalTax Research Bulletin: Making California Work – How California Can Improve Efficiency and Reduce Fraud (March 2011)

CalTax's report finds that more than $3.4 billion in state and local funds were lost to inefficiencies, fraud, and mismanagement identified in 2010.


CalTax Research Bulletin: State Government Has Wasted More Than $18 Billion Since 2000 (March 2010)

CalTax's report reveals that state government waste, fraud and mismanagement cost California taxpayers more than $18.9 billion from 2000 to 2009.



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