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Public Opinion Poll: Majority of Californians Think State and Local Taxes Are Too High

Among Californians of all political stripes, 58 percent believe state and local taxes are too high, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) reported February 26. “Despite the spectrum of people and lifestyles across California, there are some issues where opinion is roughly similar everywhere,” PPIC said. “Many of these issues touch on the general role of government: its size and scope. At least a majority – but never more than two-thirds – in every place in the state believes…

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Public Opinion Poll: Voters Strongly Support Proposition 13, Think California’s Tax Burden Is Too High

Likely voters in California overwhelmingly support Proposition 13, according to a poll released this week by the Public Policy Institute of California. The poll also found that Californians believe they pay the highest taxes in the nation, and more than their fair share in state and local taxes. Proposition 13 was approved nearly 40 years ago with support of 64.8 percent of the vote, and the PPIC poll found that this support has not wavered. Asked if they believe Proposition…

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