Help CalTax Protect Proposition 13

Contact Your Representatives

Contact your Assembly Member and Senator to let them know you support Proposition 13. To find your legislators and their contact information, click here

You can also write your representative an email or letter. Click here to find out how to begin writing to your representative.

Local officials and elected school board members also need to hear from you about the importance of protecting Proposition 13!

Get the Facts

Understand Proposition 13 – Proposition 13 reduced property taxes in California by providing protection from escalating, unpredictable property taxes. Since passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, homeowners remain the greatest beneficiaries of the initiative. Opponents of Proposition 13 continue to advocate for higher taxes on business property in a state that continually ranks as having one of the most difficult tax and regulatory climates for businesses. Find out how changing Proposition 13 would be devastating for the California economy:

What Else Is on Your Property Tax Bill? – In recent years, Proposition 13’s property tax protections have been eroded by parcel taxes and other assessments that appear on the property tax bill alongside your basic property tax. For more on parcel taxes and other assessments, see:

Voting on Local Taxes – Proposition 13 requires local taxes to be approved by voters. Recent efforts have sought to make it easier for local governments to increase your taxes by eliminating the 2/3 vote requirement for taxes that are earmarked to specific programs. For more on this, see our fact sheet on Lowering the Vote Threshold.