Proposition 15

Continuing Their Record of Rejecting Split-Roll Measures, Voters Defeat Proposition 15

California voters have rejected Proposition 15, the split-roll initiative that proposed the largest property tax increase in state history, with 51.9 percent of the voters in opposition. This marks the third time since 1978 that Californians elected to apply the same property tax rate to all types of real property, following Proposition 8 of June 1978 (on the same ballot that featured Proposition 13) and Proposition 167 of 1992. “It’s time for proponents of property tax increases to accept that…

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Voters Nearly Evenly Split on Split-Roll Initiative, Polls Indicate

With three days until the November 3 election, recent polls continue to indicate that the split-roll initiative (Proposition 15) will either pass or fail by a very narrow margin. A poll released October 26 by the University of California at Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies found that voter support for Proposition 15 is at 49 percent (the same level reported by the pollster in September) while opposition is at 42 percent (up 8 percent from September) and 9 percent are…

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Poll Shows Split-Roll Measure Losing Popularity

A new poll shows that Proposition 15, the property tax increase initiative on the November ballot, is losing popularity with likely voters. A Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll released September 17 showed that voter support for Proposition 15 is barely above 50 percent and has fallen in recent months. The PPIC poll found that even after being subjected to more than a year of misleading campaigning by public employee unions, only 51 percent of likely voters say they support…

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