Local Taxes

Voters to Decide Fate of 280 Tax Increase Measures in November

When Californians go to the polls November 8, they will vote on 280 local tax increases (including bonds) and four local tax repeal measures in addition to a statewide initiative (Proposition 30) that would increase California’s top marginal personal income tax rate to 15.05 percent. If all of the direct taxes were approved, Californians’ local tax burden would increase nearly $2.4 billion a year, according to estimates provided by local jurisdictions. There would be additional property tax increases to repay…

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Casting Ballot

Voters Will Decide Fate of 55 Local Tax and Bond Measures in June

Californians will vote on 55 local tax and bond measures in the June 7 election, along with three special taxes that will be decided in special elections before the primary. If all of the measures are approved, taxpayers would face an additional $176 million per year in taxes, along with property tax increases to repay $2.5 billion in new bond debt. The June ballot includes 18 parcel taxes, 20 general obligation and school bonds, eight sales tax measures, three hotel…

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Sales Tax Increase

Sales Tax Rate Increases – and Decreases – Take Effect Today in Several Parts of the State

Sales tax rates increased this morning in two cities, and decreased in 11 areas, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration reported. The changes were the result of local tax measures being approved by voters, or temporary taxes expiring. When the calendar turned to April 1, the tax rate in Isleton (located in Sacramento County) increased from 8.25 percent to 8.75 percent and the tax in Taft (Kern County) increased a full percentage point, from 7.25 percent to 8.25…

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Ballot box with person voting.

Sales Tax Increase Proposed in Sacramento County

“A group of labor, business, transportation and air quality advocates has kicked off a campaign to put a sales tax increase on the November 2022 ballot, aiming to raise money for Sacramento County’s roads, bridges and public transit,” The Galt Herald reported March 2. The proposal would impose a 0.5 percentage point increase in the county sales tax rate. Consumers making purchases in the city of Sacramento would pay a combined state and local rate of 9.25 percent. Proponents estimated…

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Parcel Tax Approved, Bond Measure Rejected in December Special Elections

A local parcel tax passed and a bond failed in recent special elections, according to the final results released by elections officials. In Riverside County, voters approved Measure H, a parcel tax to fund the San Gorgonio Memorial Health Care District. The measure renews a tax that is set to expire July 1 – maintaining the rate of $60.52 per parcel annually, but without any end date. The tax, which costs property owners approximately $2.6 million per year, was approved…

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Voters Approve 13 Taxes and Reject Four in Local Elections

Voters approved 13 local tax measures in elections that concluded November 2, representing a cumulative $50.4 million tax increase for Californians. A total of 18 tax measures were on the ballot in 12 counties. Four were rejected, and one remains in limbo at least until January under a court order. Measure PS in Los Angeles County was one of the four measures that failed. If the measure had been approved, industrial properties in the city of Commerce would have faced…

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Santa Cruz Seeks to Convert General Tax Into Special Tax Without Two-Thirds Vote

A local measure on the November 2 ballot in Santa Cruz seeks to convert an existing general tax into a special tax – with 20 percent of the revenue earmarked for special purposes – with a simple majority vote rather than the two-thirds vote required for special taxes. Measure A would amend the Measure L tax on marijuana businesses – approved in 2014 with 82 percent of the voters in support – to allocate 20 percent of the revenue to…

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Fourteen Local Tax Measures Going Before Voters in November

Voters in 10 counties will decide the fate of 14 local tax measures November 2. If all of the measures are approved, it would represent a $53.3 million tax increase for taxpayers in the affected areas.  The largest tax increase is Moreno Valley’s Measure G, which proposes a 1 percent sales tax increase that would bring the total sales tax to 8.75 percent in the city and would cost taxpayers an estimated $20 million per year. Another large tax hike…

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Voters Approve Two Local Tax Increases in September 14 Elections

Voters in three counties approved two local tax measures – representing an estimated $4.9 million per year in new taxes – in elections consolidated with the September 14 gubernatorial recall election. Measure T, a parcel tax requiring a two-thirds vote for passage, received 79 percent of the vote. The $179 parcel tax will provide $3.7 million annually to fund wildfire protection services within the Truckee Fire Protection District, which serves Nevada and Placer counties. The tax will sunset in eight…

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Local Tax Measures on the Recall Election Ballot in Three Counties

When they cast their ballots in the September 14 gubernatorial recall election, voters in three counties also will decide the fate of two local tax measures. Measure T, a parcel tax to fund a fire district that serves Nevada and Placer counties, proposes an annual tax of $179 per parcel. The tax, which requires a two-thirds vote for passage, would provide $3.7 million annually to the Truckee Fire Protection District to fund wildfire protection services. The tax would sunset in eight years. The special election for Measure T originally was scheduled…

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