Uber and ICEE Expand Operations Out of California to Reduce Business Costs

After comparing the cost of doing business in various states, Uber and ICEE recently became the latest California companies to announce plans to move headquarters or expand in state’s with lower costs.

Uber Technologies is planning to open an office of at least 3,000 employees in Dallas, and plans to turn the city into its largest hub outside its San Francisco headquarters, The Dallas Morning News reported. The company plans to hire or relocate approximately 400 employees to Dallas by the end of the year.

“State, city and county leaders approved nearly $36 million in economic incentives to bring Uber to Dallas, and some of those include job creation targets,” the Morning News reported. Chris Miller, senior manager of public policy in Texas, said Uber is confident it can create 3,000 jobs and pay at least an average annual salary of $100,000.

ICEE, the slushie drink company founded in Los Angeles County in 1967, announced it is leaving Ontario, its corporate headquarters for the past 30 years, and is relocating to Tennessee. The move will result in 127 job losses in California, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin noted. ICEE is slated to receive property tax abatements and tax credits in its new location, the newspaper added.

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