CalTax Positions on Upcoming Ballot Measures:

March 3, 2020, Elections

Proposition 13 (School Construction Bond): CalTax does not have a position on this measure, which proposes $15 billion in school construction bonds. (NOTE: This measure is not related to Proposition 13 of 1978, the tax reform measure that limits property taxes in California and sets vote thresholds for state and local taxes.)

November 3, 2020, Elections

Property Tax Increase That Would Harm Homes and Jobs (Initiative 17-0055, qualified for the ballot, and Initiative 19-0008, which is circulating for signatures): The California Taxpayers Association OPPOSES both versions of this plan to repeal Proposition 13 protections and increase property taxes. The proposals would hurt families and small businesses, and would lead to higher prices for everything we buy, including groceries, gas, restaurant meals, prescriptions, day care and much more. By voting “NO,” Californians can preserve fair, equal treatment for all property owners, and will send a strong message to special interests to keep their hands off Proposition 13. Click here for CalTax’s analysis of Initiative 17-0055, and here for our analysis of Initiative 19-0008.

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