Property Tax Revenue Increasing Statewide, Assessment Roll Data Indicates

It is likely that local governments throughout the state will enjoy increases in their property tax revenue, based on assessment roll data released in recent days by assessors in several counties.

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State Board Attempts to Mislead Auditors and Falsify Data

Executive at the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) “violated state law when they falsified data to deceive the State Auditor’s Office,” the auditor reported June 30.

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Texas Using Split-Roll Threat to Lure California Jobs

The San Francisco Business Times reported June 23 that in light of the split-roll initiative and proposed local tax increases in various parts of California, economic recruiters in Texas “are drawing up their game plans to attract Bay Area companies growing weary of the Golden State’s tax burden.”

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Lawmakers Considering More Than $65.9 Billion a Year In Higher Taxes and Fees

California lawmakers are considering more than $65.9 billion in new taxes and fees, including taxes on hiring workers during the worst periods of unemployment…

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California Assessors’ Association Opposes Proposition 15, Says Some Counties Would Lose Revenue

The California Assessors’ Association (CAA) announced June 3 that it opposes the split-roll property tax increase that recently qualified for the November ballot because the measure would be nearly impossible to implement.

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Californians Oppose Tax Increases by Nearly Two-to-One Margin

When asked if tax increases should have been included in the governor’s budget plan, just 34 percent of likely voters said they should have been included, while 60 percent said they should not have been included …

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A Voice for Taxpayers

The California Taxpayers Association has been on the front lines supporting sound tax policy and supporting government efficiency since 1926. We are the state’s oldest and largest organization representing taxpayers. In legislative proceedings, courtrooms, elections and discussions with tax agency leaders, CalTax provides a strong and respected voice for taxpayers.


We advocate for sound tax policy and government efficiency. With an office one-block from the State Capitol, we regularly work with lawmakers to ensure that tax legislation is fair and reasonable.


We offer respected research and in-depth knowledge of tax policy. Our staff includes subject-matter experts with decades of experience working on income, sales, and property tax issues at Big Four accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies.


We regularly comment about tax issues in the press and discuss how higher taxes will make it more expensive to live and do business in our state.

Our members include tax and finance professionals working at small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, as well as individuals. Join us today by becoming a member! Our continued success depends on support from members like you.

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Call to Action

CalTax is fighting to save Proposition 13 and stop higher property taxes.

An initiative on the November ballot would eliminate Proposition 13 protections for many properties in California, resulting in higher rent for countless small businesses, and higher prices for just about everything we buy and use (including groceries, fuel, utilities, day care and health care). Click here to read more about why CalTax opposes this harmful tax increase.

In the state Capitol, two measures (ACA 1 and SCA 5) would pave the way for higher taxes on all types of property, leading to higher costs for homeowners, renters and businesses. We’re also fighting legislative proposals that could make their way to the ballot: a sales tax on services, taxpayer-funded universal healthcare, and efforts to expand local taxing authority.

CalTax is working hard to defeat these tax increases, but we can’t do it alone. Email Chloe Bowman at for information on how you can help us save Proposition 13.