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Government Waste and Inefficiency

The California Taxpayers Association is the state's leader in shining a light on government waste and advocating for better oversight of our tax dollars. Click below for our detailed reports on waste, fraud and mismanagement.




Government Cost Savings Report

CalTax's "Government Cost Savings Report: How State and Local Government Can Increase Efficiency and Become More Effective" identifies more than $7.3 billion that state and local government could save or obtain from revenue enhancements if proactive steps are taken to address inefficiencies and reform existing programs.


Making California Work: How California Can Improve Efficiency and Reduce Fraud

By asking "how are we doing" and "how can we do it better," policymakers can increase government efficiency and conserve tax dollars.



CalTax Research Bulletin: State Government Has Wasted More Than $18 Billion Since 2000

"The state needs to get serious about protecting tax dollars from waste and misuse," CalTax President Teresa Casazza said. "Every penny of waste that is stopped is like a penny of new revenue that can help educate students, provide health care to the poor and keep convicted felons behind bars."