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The California Taxpayers' Association proudly publishes:
California's Tax Machine
A History of Taxing and Spending in the Golden State

Cal-Tax's David R. Doerr has spent 40 years on the California tax scene, including 28 years as chief consultant to the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation. He chronicles the births of the state's property, inheritance, utility, motor vehicle, bank and corporation, sales, and income taxes.

California's Tax Machine is more than a mere chronology of tax law. Doerr tells the tale of taxes in the light of the people and conditions of the times, adding excellent insights and occasional humor to the basic business of raising revenue.

This unique publication should have a prominent place in every California library, newsroom, tax department, and law office, and should be required reading for every current and would-be legislator and tax administrator.

California's Tax Machine is a MUST for your tax library and the ideal corporate gift! Take advantage of sponsorship or volume discounts!

100 or more copies, including gold foil gift donor sticker applied to front cover.
$18 per copy, plus tax and shipping

Gift Copies:
10 or more copies
$24 per copy, plus tax and shipping

Single Copies:
$29.95 each, plus tax and shipping

California's Tax Machine

"A must read. No one is better qualified than Dave Doerr to tell the story of taxes in California."
- Kirk West, former president, California Chamber of Commerce.

"David Doerr's account is the bible."
- Dan Walters, The Sacramento Bee.

"David Doerr's account is a gold mine of facts and insight into tax policy in California. Nobody else has Doerr's depth of first-hand knowledge of California tax law."
- Doug Willis, The Associated Press.

"I intend to recommend the book to my students."
- Rosemarie Pottage, instructor of Education Finance at Santa Clara University.

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