Former Brown Administration Official Files Water Bond Initiative

Gerald Meral, former deputy secretary of the Natural Resources Agency for the Brown Administration, filed eight versions of an initiative that would issue general obligation bonds to fund water-recycling programs, groundwater desalination and watershed management.

Mr. Meral’s initiatives are works in progress. On August 20, The Sacramento Bee reported that Mr. Meral emailed supporters stating that his organization, the Natural Heritage Institute, will back a water bond measure, but the draft language will be revised to determine the exact figure of the bond to be placed before the voters. The final amount should be “not too big,” he said, adding, “We shouldn’t get carried away.”

Each of the eight versions filed by Mr. Meral would include funding for a statewide turf removal rebate to fund drought-tolerant landscaping on private properties. The bond would not include funding for the Delta tunnel project or other programs that move water from the Delta. 

The eight bond proposals are 15-0088, 15-0089, 15-0090, 15-0091, 15-0092, 15-0093, 15-0094, and 15-0095.

November 9, 2015

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