Poll Says Likely Voters Narrowly Support Tax Measures, Despite Belief That Government Wastes Existing Taxes

A poll released October 27 by the Public Policy Institute of California found that two major tax initiatives on the November ballot likely would narrowly pass if the election were held today, but much could change in the days leading up to the election.

Despite California voters initial support for higher taxes (most of which likely would not be paid by those who were polled), the poll illustrated that the respondents have little confidence that government will utilize tax dollars effectively. Asked if they think people in the federal government waste a lot of the money we pay in taxes, waste some of it, or don’t waste very much of it, 62 percent said “a lot,” and another 29 percent said “some.” Only 7 percent of likely voters said federal government employees “don’t waste very much.”

The poll’s findings on statewide measures:

November 2, 2016

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