Local Tax Election Results:
Voters Reject Four of Six Local Tax Measures in June 7 Elections

Voters in local tax elections held this week were not in the mood for new taxes, as they rejected four of the six measures on the ballot.

The elections were held June 7 – the same day Governor Jerry Brown originally planned to hold a statewide election on his tax increase/extension proposals.

Parcel taxes were rejected by voters in Canyon Lakes and Wildomar in Riverside County, and by residents of the Hollister School District in tiny San Benito County.

The Wildomar tax would have generated revenue for parks, and was intended to replace an illegal tax that was struck down by the courts last year.

In Richmond (Contra Costa County), voters rejected a sales tax increase that had been structured so as to require a simple majority vote despite being intended to raise revenue for a specific purpose. City leaders put two measures on the ballot – Measure D, calling for a 0.5 percent sales tax increase, and Measure C, earmarking any revenue from the tax hike to go to schools and programs for low-income residents. Voters approved the measure to earmark the funds, but made that proposition moot by rejecting the tax itself. Approximately 57 percent of the voters gave a thumbs-down to the tax.

The two taxes that were approved were a parcel tax extension to maintain funding for a hospital in Trinity County, and a 0.25 percent sales tax increase to fund library services in Shasta County.

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June 10, 2011
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