Local Election Results:
Accountant Carey Davis Elected Mayor of San Bernardino

Political novice Carey Davis, a certified public accountant, was elected mayor of the bankrupt city of San Bernardino on February 4, by a 57 percent to 43 percent margin.

Mr. Davis, who will take office next month, defeated Wendy McCammack, who served on the City Council for 13 years until she was recalled in the same November election that saw her qualify for the mayoral race.

Mr. Davis is a corporate controller who got involved in politics last spring when he studied financial statements and concluded that the city had made years of bad spending decisions. At an election night party, he said to loud applause: “Today, San Bernardino has come together. This is a humbling moment for a man who is not used to being a political figure or having the correct sound bite at hand. This is a great day for San Bernardino.”

The recall of Ms. McCammack had been a central focus of the Davis campaign, which pledged “fiscal sanity” and an end to “toxic politics.” Ms. McCammack, who described herself on her ballot statement as a businesswoman and taxpayer advocate, was criticized for voting for lavish pensions for public employees when she was a member of the City Council.

Former Mayor Pat Morris was in Mr. Davis’ corner, and was praised by Mr. Davis for fighting hard for fiscal stability during his tenure. (Sources: The Associated Press, February 5; San Bernardino Sun, February 5.)

February 7, 2014

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