October 2002

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Why Cal-Tax Supports Statewide School Bond (Proposition 47)


(Editor’s note: It has been argued by Proposition 47 opponents that the statewide school bond measure raises taxes. Cal-Tax strongly disagrees. Following is a statement from Cal-Tax President Larry McCarthy who introduces a Special Report on Proposition 47 that counters this argument.)

After thorough review, The Board of Directors of Cal-Tax has concluded that Proposition 47 is a solid pro-taxpayer vote. A special report has been issued discussing the measure from a taxpayer association perspective. The special report is available on-line at http://www.caltax.org/SpecialReportOnProp47.pdf.

In contrast to public finance insanity at the state and local level in California, Proposition 47 guarantees  planning, cost containment, accountability and solid management in the spending of tax dollars for schools. Those who challenge the state budget process because of mismanagement of public funds are correct. However, Proposition 47, by contrast, is a ray of light.

In response to the argument that Proposition 47 would raise taxes: It is our opinion that the only way this bond is a tax increase is to assume that, within the $120 billion a year in state and local taxes already paid, there is no opportunity to set different priorities. It is to say there is no chance to eliminate fraud and outrageous waste of tax dollars. To argue that Proposition 47 raises taxes is to capitulate to the spending lobby that they have won and taxpayers are doomed to pay for waste and fraud.

For examples of waste and fraud in state and local government spending in California, see “The Accountability Files” at Cal-Tax Online: www.caltax.org.

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